Coffee Talk: All You Need Is Love

Today’s Coffee of Choice: Dunkin’ Donuts Medium Roast blend with Peppermint Mocha creamer

Today’s Scripture: Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

There’s a common theme that’s been running through my crazy life lately. I’ve been blown away by the opportunities, blessings, and random Christmas shopping bargains I’ve been presented with. I’ve had to make some decisions in the midst, though, and they haven’t been easy ones. All of it has forced me to reevaluate what I really want my life to be about at this point in time. Though all the details of the decisions I must make have not worked themselves out, I have realized there is nothing that can top the best opportunity, the five pounds that have been shed, or the amazing bargain I found last week at Target like the love of Christ. As most of you who follow this blog know, my life has not been perfect. Yet, in His amazing grace, God has seen fit to let me experience the fullness of life anyway. The places I’ve been and the people I’ve met in the past decade or so have been fantastic. I wouldn’t trade any pain I’ve had to walk through to recognize the reality of a true relationship with Christ for any bargain the world has to offer me. It’s the heartache I’ve experienced that’s made me recognize real joy and spurred me toward being an example of God’s faithfulness to the countless people who need a tangible example of it.

The theme that’s been running through my mind and life lately is the simple truth that all you need, really need, is love. Not the surface, how-ya-doin’-have-you-bought-that-new-car yet kind of conversational compassion, but the deep, life-changing, all-out, unconditional, bear hug kind of love. Unfortunately, I’ve had some really crappy examples of love in my life. The most hurtful of these have come from people who celebrate the amazing example of the love of Christ right alongside of me in church. As a result, I’ve made up my mind to not be one of those Christians who discourages people away from the arms of Christ by their judgment and lack of follow-through. It means sometimes holding my tongue when I just want to yell in anger at those who totally miss what it means to walk in the compassion of Christ, and it means making a conscious choice to humble myself before God every single day (sometimes multiple times a day). It also means making sure my priorities are right. Nothing I do should ever be about people recognizing how awesome that thing I’ve done is. It should always, ALWAYS point to Christ’s example. Even those who don’t actively follow the ways of Christ have admitted to me that his life was one of the most amazingly sacrificial of anyone who has ever walked the earth. And his crazy sacrifice occurred because he loved from a real perspective, not a surface, what-can-you-do-for-me-in-return perspective.

This blog (and the video that follows) is a challenge to myself and those of you who are reading and watching while you sip your coffee. It’s a challenge to love with reckless abandon from here on out in your life… no matter what the cost. As we enter a season when schedules and crazy relatives often get the best of us, will you join me in loving those around you unconditionally?

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