Pottery in Motion

I’m at a loss. In fact, I feel like not even updating whoever is reading this on the events of the week. There’s more bad news. The enormity of it all is getting downright ridiculous. Someone else that my family and I care about passed away suddenly this week. It was someone who has been very supportive to my mom in the midst of the care she has been providing for those around her, and someone who I was looking forward to pottery shopping with in the very near future. In fact, we sat together at my dad’s funeral plotting where to strike next. She and I both shared a love for the poetic as formed by the hands of some of the top potters in the country, and a scouring of Western Pennsylvania fall craft shows was long overdue. We discussed how to talk a friend of mine into displaying her work (which is quite good) at more places. We set up tentative dates for an overnight stay at my place once the bulldozers find somewhere else to wreak havoc (we’re expanding). And we plotted some other things that I won’t mention for the sake of shorting out my keyboard with the tears that I know would ensue. I’m sad. That’s all there is to it. However, my friend (who happens to be one of my mom’s best friends as well), wouldn’t want me to throw in the towel. “Life just happens,” she’d say.

Her upcoming funeral will be the third one within a period of two months that I will have attended of someone that meant a lot to me. And there was that loss of a dear friend at the beginning of the year also. My goodness! I must confess that I’m not sure what life will look like after all this is over. I know it will just keep happening, but there will be some huge holes, especially around the holidays. I must also confess that I don’t know who will ever fill that pottery-loving spot in my life, and that there will probably be no one who can make me laugh quite the way she did. I loved laughing at her laugh. “Oh Suzy,” she’d say when I’d throw a ridiculous one-liner out there just to hear the contagious vibrato of it.

I don’t know quite where to go with the events of the past several weeks, and I’m not quite sure what all of this means for my own life. However, I can’t help but think of the many other family and friends that are affected by all of this as well. There were so many lives that Mavis’s own touched. I know she’s having a great time with Jesus right now, but, man, no one can understand the satisfaction of sipping tea out of that “great find” of a mug from a little-known Kentucky town. I’m shocked by the abruptness of her death. Hopefully, someday I’ll figure out a little portion of the “Why?” of all of this. Maybe I’ll still be writing then to share it with you. Not that my writing will mean nearly as much as the lives of those who have been lost this year. I know that God will pull some purpose out of it all like He often does, and I’ll be sure to share that with you when it’s made clear to me.

In the meantime, every time I sip a warm drink from a certain mug, I will think of this dear friend of my family and remember how she brought a little extra joy to the time I’ve spent here. I will pray for her own family who I know will miss her dearly, and I will look forward to a time when missed opportunities won’t matter anymore. Thanks for everything, Mavis, and I will look forward to the day when we will all be united together again.

3 thoughts on “Pottery in Motion

  1. Hey Suzie,

    So sorry to hear about your family friend. Truly, I have never known so many tragedies to happen in such a short time–here as well. It makes me think maybe God is sparing some dear saints from trials to come. And as we come through the grief, we are strengthened for the same.

    I know I can’t replace Mavis, but I am a pottery lover, and would love to go with you on a treasure hunt someday…when you’re ready.

    Love and blessings! M.

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